Saturday, November 5, 2011

no regrets....

alright, let's start off by saying.....I didn't get a chance to post my 13 spooky nights, cause this month has been rough. I know everyone has trials, and I'm just blessed that I have my Heavenly Father to rely on in times of mine. I have had a lot of chance to reflect on life, and enjoy all the many blessings that I have here on this Earth. I don't want to waste my life, and I don't want to have regrets. I do not regret not being able to post anything new, because I needed that time to focus on me and my family. I spent awhile searching for recipes and crafts and various things for Halloween (let's face it-I would have done that anyways because I'm weird). But, I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to share all that fun stuff with you....So, since I didn't even post's a look at our house for the month of October..... :]

Happy Halloween from Mario and Princess Peach :]

Hope you all had a fabulous Halloween!!! :]

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

classy clutter

hey guys!!! Head over to classy clutter for a great giveaway!!!!

Leave them some love while you're there!!! They've got some AMAZING things!!!


kelley anne


And here they are!!! This is my son and daughters rooms :]

I'm in LOVE with this yellow dresser! 
(found at the potato barn)

The fun car mat that we found at Ikea for like $10!! :]

my favorite :]

The wall collage of all the distressed metal wall hangings....
(hobby lobby) and that little boy kept sneaking in my pictures ;]

And here's my little girls room!!! (I need to finish her fan, and then it will be done)

Sydney's great grandma Utah made this adorable cross-stitch

I wish they still sold these books at the scrapbook store, cause they make the most adorable mini albums!!! (Don't mind the dusty/dirty mirror) :]

I made her a bumper when she was little, and as she got older, I decided to transform it into a quilt....
not bad for a first time quilt?! 

Her room wouldn't complete without this little furry "my bear" :]

And that's it!!! Halloween banner coming next, along with a plan for our Halloween 13 spooky night countdown! :]

Please come visit again! :] and invite a friend!

<3, kelley anne

Monday, October 3, 2011

Birthday Party

Ok, so I took pictures of both my kids rooms.....and yet can't find either?!? What the random. I just imported them, and two made it......but that was it. haha. So, sorry, I will take more pictures and put them up tomorrow :] was my little girls birthday party :]

I forget where I got this cute printable.....I got it from a friend.....(so, if you know, post it so they can get the credit!)

And the frame came from Fanciful Frames (

The entry way table with party favors :]

Sydney has a disorder called E.E and this was a specially made cupcake for her, and a dairy free frosting. It wasn't my favorite : / But.....the kids didn't mind! 

the yummy food table :]

the yummy fruit kabobs!!! :] 

Here's a sneak peak of Sydney's room:

found this wonderful vinyl chandelier at hobby lobby-my fav stores

Stop by again tomorrow for the rest of Sydney's room, and then Kaden's room too! :] 

Right around the corner will be more Halloween crafts!! and yummy treats!

See ya tomorrow :]


Ok, so it's been awhile....but, October will be well worth the wait, promise. I'm going to be doing 13 spooky nights of Halloween, that will include a craft a day, and a creepy dinner recipe!! Also, I'll be throwing in a few delish recipes for fun treats. Since pumpkin in a can makes me happy, I use it a ton during October! A quick way to change up a recipe, and adds a touch of fall :]

So, anyways.....I have pictures from my little girls birthday, her decorated bedroom, my son's decorated bedroom, and all of the fun Halloween crafts that are coming up. I've decorated, and am continuing to make more decorations, cause I can never have enough!!! ;-]  So, stay tuned for pictures later tonight, but wanted to leave some love, letting you know I never forgot about you!!! :]

Here's a fun recipe to try while you're being so patient with me!!!

Pumpkin Muffins!!!
(my friend gave me this recipe, so I cannot claim it for my own but it's amazing. So PROPS to whoever did come up with this!!! )

1 Can of Libby's Pumpkin
1 Yellow Cake Mix

That's it......!!!! :] talk about easy peasy.....

Mix that together, and if you want you can add chocolate chips, which I think everything needs chocolate chips if it has pumpkin, but mix that all together and toss in the oven!

(follow the baking time on your cake mix box. Mine said 19-23 minutes, and I think I only did 17 minutes, but my oven cooks quick! So, just wait for the yummy smell to waft your way, and check them)

Enjoy :]

Also, a little birdy told me that the same friend that shared this yummy recipe is doing a giveaway for the most adorable ruffly check that out here!!!

:] See ya later tonight!!! (after Castle of course)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

happy fall!!!

 Good morning!

Did everyone love the rain as much as I did last night?! 
So fun, right?!?

Anyways, here is one of the fall accordion books that are one of my favorite go-to decorations!

So easy peasy to make, and so darn cute!
Yay for quick decorations!! : ]
(I also love them, because you can totally make them reversible!!
-so be ready for the back side in November!!)

Hope you all enjoy this wonderful time of year that is fall!!!
(I know the weather has been a pain this year, but....
who cares what the weather is, it's September!!!)

Have a wonder-fall day!!!

Bahahahah......ya, I can't pull that off! ;-)

See ya again soon!! :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

first time....

Hello everyone! :]

Here's one of the many projects I was working on over the summer.
And finished not too long ago....I couldn't find knobs I was happy with.

I have to give a HUGE shout-out and thanks to 
my amazing husband that helped me with this one!!!
Thanks babe!!! Love you! :]

We found this one saturday while strolling through was $40, not worth it to us. But as we were leaving we saw all the half off tags....and signs. So it was 50% and we were sold. :]



the whole look (it's in our bedroom)

the cute knobs I found at hobby lobby(half off)-they only had 8, and we needed I'm still checking in frequently to find the 9th knob!
But this dresser has soooo much room!!!! The drawers are super sturdy and we are in LOVE <3 
It came out pretty darn good for our first time of re-doing furniture :)

Whatd'ya think?! 

Things coming up later in September:

*My daughter's finished room (2 1/2 years later...)

*Our mostly finished room

*Some fun FALL crafts

*and a few recipes!!!

Get excited!!! :] I know I am!!!

Things to look forward to in October:

*13 days of Halloween (a fun kids craft everyday leading up to 
Halloween along with a fun recipe that everyone will scream for)

*a spooky Boo-nco party

*lots of other Halloween crafts-
I'm a little obsessed with Halloween!!!

See ya again soon!!! :)